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tv   CBS2 This Morning Early Edition  CBS  September 5, 2016 5:00am-6:01am CDT

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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new information overnight after north korea launches missiles into japanese waters. the developing details this morning after russia and the united states stop talking about syria. the huge flood recovery milestone reached at the university of iowa this week. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'ambrosio. let's get a check of our cbs 2
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police in iowa city are once again looking for a suspect in an armed robbery. there were a string of armed robberies in iowa city in late july and early august. august.sunday morning at about five -- witnesses told officers a black male walked into a mcdonald's with a handgun and left with cash and find a suspect -- and crimestoppers is offering a thousand dollar reward. least four businesses in iowa city have been robbed over the last month and a half.police say first american bank and culvers along highway one, pancheros on riverside drive - and another mcdonald's along mormon trek have all been sites of armed robberies. police haven't said if any of those are related. a kalona woman is dead after an a-t-v crash over the weekend. weekend.police responded to the crash at 100 shilo drive
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the crash report says the driver was 28-year-old alex merrit from iowa city -- and he lost control of the atv on private property -- throwing him and 22-year- old elizabeth lenton from kalona off the atv. lenton died and merrit was taken to u-i-h-c.the crash is still under investigation. a jail in california - is not changing its security protocol - despite a shooting that left two officers wounded. wounded.officials say an ex-convict opened fire whil the fresno county jail on saturday,the two officers were shot in the head and neck areas.the suspect has been booked on attempted murder and other charges.witnesses in the jail describe a very hectic scene. (marcelle davis/ witness) "everybody was defenseless. everyone in there was defenseless, everyone in there, no help came, it was not fast enough. and when help did come, he was already done." (christy) "it makes no sense, no sense. it makes no sense
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all."the officers are still in the hospital this morning. right now - officials won't say why the suspect attacked - but do say he's a gang member who spent 16 years in prison for sex offenses. former stanford university swimmer brock turner has returned to his family home in ohio. ohio.he was seen there sunday after being released from jail in california friday after serving ?three months? for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman.he served half of his six-month because he got credit for time served and good behavior.the sentence created outrage because many people thought it was way too lenient.there's a campaign underway now to recall the judge who sentenced turner. new this morning - south korea says their rivals to the north fired three ballistic missiles off its eastern coast - in a show of force as the g-20 economic summit kicks off in china. china.north korea regularly fires missiles and rockets into the sea- especially when the world is focused on the
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officials from the united states are gathering in china. the summit in china got off to an awkward start for american officials.just after landing - a chinese official yelled at national security advisor susan rice and tried to block her from joining the president's motorcade - prompting the secret service to intervene.also - russia has pulled back from an initial agreement with the u-s that would have ended syrian air attacks on their own civilians - which could've allowed aid to start flowing to starving cities.president ob admitted that america now needs russia if it has any chance of ending the suffering in syria. "if we do not get some buy in from the russians on reducing the violence and easing the humanitarian crisis, than it's difficult to see how we get to the next phase." phase."obama and russian president vladimir putin met today - they agreed to keep working on a deal for a cease-fire in syria. hermine is disupting the labor day holiday for many people on
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storm surge isn't expected to be too bad -- but it could still cause coastal flooding and dangerous rip currents. hena daniles is tracking the storm from new jersey. jersey. nats-hermine (hur-meen) continued to whip up dangerous waves along the atlantic coast overnight...while lurking dangerously off the east coast. -nats- this video shows the storm's forceful winds tossing a cruise ship from side to side sunday...confin ing passengers to their cabins. as the storm churned offshore...many beachgoer from virginia to the jersey shore were forced to stayed out of the water:(sot mos) when you see the red flag, the red flags a sign of danger so you have to take precautions residents living along the water began pulling their boats in.others prepared for the worst:(sot mos) i locked up everything in the garage// and i packed a go back and i'm ready (standup: hena daniels/ cbs news/ point pleasant beach, nj) many beaches across the northeast remain closed today...amid concerns hermine could regain strength...and trigger life threatening rip
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still fresh on residents' minds...authorities in parts of connecticut say they're prepared to open shelters if necessary: (sot chief michael spera/ old saybrook police) we have plenty of bottled water now on hand, we have supplies for our residents to take a nice warm shower if need benew jersey governor chris christie has declared a state of emergency in several counties: (sot gov. chris christie/ r-nj) i hope not to be able to have to use the assets but it would be much too late if the storm started to track west forecasters say hermine could linger around the east coast for days...before exiting out to sea by midweek. cbs news. hermine hit florida last week as a hurricane and is being blamed for killing two people -- one in florida and another in north carolina. soon - anti bacterial soaps may slip off store shelves. shelves.the food and drug administration says the soaps don't actually work much better than regular 20-13 - the f-d-a gave soapmakers a year to prove the antibacterial chemicals help kill the f-d-a says - they're not satisfied with
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antibacterial soaps could cause long-term harm. "i think the antibacterial soap label catches the eye of some people, and they think that must be better right? well it's not." not."he says the chemicals in the soaps can cause muscle weakness and hormonal problems in some people.antibacterials that contain any ?one of the 19 ingredients not proven safe - will be banned.manufacturers get a year to take out the to pull their product with them off the market. the iowa board of regents says its plan for a new two-year budget system - would better inform students about their tuition expenses -- but that plan could be derailed because of the unpredictability from state law. lawmakers.the board oversees iowa's three public universities and board members say it could be harder to predict how much money the legislature will give each year to higher education. student representatives from the three schools were frustrated with the board's
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at the university of iowa - -this week marks a very big milestone in the recovery of the floods of oh-8. oh-8.this friday is the grand opening of the brand new hancher auditorium.hancher was heavily damaged during the floods of 08 - and has been closed ever since.this friday there will be a ribbon cutting and an open house with another open house scheduled for sunday.later this month - comedians steve martin and martin short will perform in the new building. that show is sold out. it's and right now in it's degrees.after the break...the one piece of your holiday weekend that could hurt you on
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a lot of people in the corridor are getting ready to grill today for labor day.'s a staple of the season on good weather days -- but it may also expose you to
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how people enjoying the holiday can stay safe. safe. (pkg)(sot ) "it's just something about that grill that makes it nice" marc wilson is celebrating his wife's birthday with a barbecue. (sot marc wilson/griller)"grilling is just the perfect type of way to prepare a meat, i think" nat chicken on grill it may be tasty, but grilling too much may be bad for your health. oncologist atisha manhas says - chemicals that form when meat, poultry an cooked at high temperatures and smoke from fat that drips and burns on the grill have both been linked to colon, pancreatic and breast cancer. (sot dr. atisha manhas/method ist dallas medical center)some studies have shown that people who consume meats that have been grilled on high heat on a regular basis may be at increased risk for cancer. there are some things you can do to reduce your risk - start with a clean grill, and cook foods at lower temperatures for a longer time. (sot dr. atisha manhas/methodist dallas medical center)"we also recommend marinating meats
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increases the moisture and that will decrease the formation of the chemicals (-: 45) marc wilson and his wife try to keep that advice in mind whenever they grill.(sot chelle wilson/griller) "every day there's something new- there's a new risk to look out for, so you just try to do the best you can. everything in moderation, i think, is the best answer to everything" (-:16)experts say a gas grill is safer because they cook more evenly, and fruits and vegetables can be grilled with no health risk. it's now on this morning. morning.and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.coming up next...the big reason u-n-i has started their 2016 season on the right . foot. cha' doin?
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try and ask him. the senate is broken. why are you leading all the obstruction? if you get your way and defund planned parenthood, where am i going to get my cancer screenings? if i'm paying more for medicine because your medicare plan passes, how do i afford that? are you even listening? i approved this message because, chuck, you've stopped working for iowa. taking a look at your??????? your??????? here's a look at some of eastern iowa's top stories -- on this morning... an update this morning from solon. the town's iconic water tower is now back in full service - with a fresh coat of paint.for almost a month - the city's endured water restrictions while the
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city official tells cbs 2 news - a contractor will return tomorrow to do a bit more painting- but for the most part- its complete. the annual linn county mayor's bike ride will be this morning. the eight mile route starts in ellis park and goes through downtown cedar rapids to coe college -- and then heads to the cedar lake loop.from there -- riders head back downtown and will finish right where they started -- in ellis park. the bike ride shows elected officials what it's like for bicyclists in the area.all linn county residents are welcome -- registration starts at 9 this morning. labor day weekend can be one of the deadliest weekends on the road.but there are simple ways drivers can make their travels safer as you're finishing up your holiday weekend.iowa's traffic and safety bureau chief says planning your route- allowing plenty of time and just slowing down can help.he also says more state troopers will be working overtime patrolling the roads. when u-n-i spoiled matt campbell's iowa state campbell's spoiled matt
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saturday night - it wasn't just an f-c-s team upsetting their in-state rivals from the big twelve - as mia o'brien found out in ames - the panthers - may have found an identity.. matt campbell and the cyclones ran out of this tunnel with a lot of hope for the beginning of a new era. but -- mark farley and the panthers walked out of this tunnel with a lot of questions -- many of which were answered in a 25-20 victory victory"when through in iowa falls -- i had a lot of questions" questions""entering camp.... there's a lot of young guys -- not anything was really set in stone yet." especially on the defensive front -- where the panthers had to replace eight starters -- and still held the cyclones to fifty one yards on the ground "give coach farley four weeks with the defense and he'll make it something... he's a miracle worker on defense" defense" "we have an identity..... we
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make sure those questions became periods"and tonight's win is an exclamation mark of what's to come come"just saying hey, we're not the little guy and we can compete with anyone int he nati" nation""to lose the talent we've lost the last two years with david and xavier and yet do this today -- i mean it just speaks volumes for this locker room roomwhen i asked coach farley and he said there's still one unanswered question -- if they can do this again next week. in ames, mia o'brien, fox sports. there were plenty of new faces on the field for the hawkeyes on saturday - and one newcomer - played like an all- american in his college football debut..after redshirting last year - defensive end anthony nelson looks like a star - on saturday against the redhawks - nelson racked up six tackles, two-and-a-half sacks, and forced two turnovers that led to touchdowns - that's a monster line for a freshmen - and nelson - was pretty humble about his opening act... i just envisioned doing the
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i could to help - i'm glad i was able to help my team like that - that's the best feeling... what he did today is really what he does in practice - he's a guy we've been excited about - he's not near the physical maturity that he will be before he graduates - but he's a good football player and i thought he made a real nice account of himself today... sunday baseball at wrigley - the cubs and the giants.... fast forward to the ninth - cubbies down a run - jason heyward comes up large - that's a base hit back up the middle - a scores the tying run... so we go to extras - in the 13th - heyward, again - huge, again - j-hey bloops a single into center - anthony rizzo gets on his horse - that's a walk-off... cubs win a fun one at wrigley, 3 to 2... tough day at the plate for the kernels - they were shut out by the lumberkings today - 5 to zero - the final game of the regular season is set to start on monday at 12:05 p-m...
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the longest line of hot dogs ever create new york's grand central termin. terminal.nathan's famous created a line of hot dogs that ended up stretching more than 950 feet.that's more than a hundred feet longer than the previous record set in japan two years ago. took more than 19 hundred hot dogs to set this record.after it was made official the hot dogs were available for the public to
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right now it's degrees in after the break...the touching tribute for a former player on the first weekend of college fo.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corridor. "is that credit karma again?"
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right now on cbs 2 this morning...the federal representatives heading back to washington d-c. senator joni ernst's reaction minutes after donald trump calls a fellow senator "weak". the latest athlete to protest the national anthem by kneeling down. welcome to cbs two this morning...i'm kevin barry. barry.barry. barry.i'm kevin barry. barry.and i'm kelly d'ambrosio. d'br let's get a check of our cbs 2
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getting ready for the november election. and they're not just focusing on the heated race for the white house. 2 news reporter stephanie johnson is here more. well guys, elections will be here before we know it and democratic state leaders want to focus on education. education.leaders from the state and national education association--- stopped in marion---to show their support for an all-female slate of democratic candidates. education was the driving force behind the event - with speakers standing up for liberal leaders - including ca who is running for statehouse. "an educator in a political office is an advantage. a lot of times they're lawyers. a lot of times they're businesspeople. we need more educators. we need more people who know families and know children. there's nothing more real in the world." world."with just 63 days until election day - you can expect canvassing to increase in the corridor.stephanie johnson cbs
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republican party of iowa chair jeff kaufmann welcomed kris par-an-toe to his hometown in eastern iowa. iowa.par-an-toe was one of the men featured in the movie "13 hours" detailing the night that u-s ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed at the american embassy in benghazi. par-an-toe says he and his fellow soldiers didn't want to politicize that night at first -- at least - until they felt mis-represented. "when you start to dishonor the heroism of the team that took place there, a politicans, when you start to lie to win elections, when you lie to cover up your failures, when you call us liers, even behind closed doors, no. it's like when you keep getting picked by that bully, you've had it. now you've picked on the wrong guy and we start coming back at them." them."iowa senator joni ernst was also there -- and says paranto's message is important becauase he is one of the people who's experienced hillary clinton's lack of
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cbs 2 news also asked senator joni ernst about donald trump's recent comments about one of her colleagues in the se. senate.trump lashed out at arizona senator jeff flake on twitter. the g-o-p nominee said the republican party needs strong and committed leaders -- not weak people like jeff flake -- if it's going to stop illegal immigration.earlier that day -- flake said he just doesn't see how he can back his party's 2 news asked senator ernst how she felt to hear the presidential nominee going after members in their own party. "well i dont like it. and again i cant speak for donald trump, i say that alot but i cant speak for him and jeff flake has been a good partner in the u-s senate so i think he is very effective for his constiuents and i think he'll do very well." well."senator ernst just hosted donald trump on her annual roast and ride a few weeks ago.the general election is now just more than 60 days away. right now -- several lawmakers are heading back to the nation's capitol -
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senate pick up tomorrow after a seven week recess.before leaving -- congress didn't give more funding to help fight the zika virus.political analysts don't expect too much action on capitol hill -- except for avoding a government shutdown on october first -- since it's an the election year. hundreds of people gathered in nebraska - to celebrate the birthday of a young boy who was killed by an alligator at a disney resort in florida. florida.two year-old lane graves was dragged into the water by an alligator in june. his father tried to save him but the gator pulled him under. sunday was lane's third birthday - and his hometown celebrated his life - by sending off hundreds of blue balloons into the air. "anyone that knows me knows that i don't like to speak but my baby i owe it to him to honor him :09 so his mommy needed to say happy birthday laney. :14 you're in our hearts today and every second of every other day."
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captured and killed following the attack - officials weren't sure which one actually attacked the young boy. u-s women's soccer star megan rapinoe joined n-f-l quarterback colin kaepernick last night -- taking a knee during the national anthem. it was right before a national women's soccer league game in seattle.the 31-year-old helped the u-s national team win the world cup last year.on twitter -- she said it was the least she can do to help keep the conversation going.49-ers q-b colin kaepernick made headlines for stand during the anthem -- protesting racial injustice and minority oppression. many college football players will tell you their teammates - are just like family. they spend alot of time together - on the practice field and traveling for games. this weekend nebraska honored one of their fallen teammates - last year's big ten punter of the year sam foltz.he was killed in a car crash this summer - while he was driving in wisconsin - coming back from a kicking camp.the first time they had to punt- they only sent out 10 men - and
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cornhusker special teams players also took his jersey out on the field before the game during warmups. he was always one of the first guys out on the field, and we just felt it was right carry his jersey cause they set up his locker with his pads, and shoes and everything. and me and spencer just felt the his jersey should be out there us like he was watching over our heads."it was pretty tough when i first got here and saw his uniform and everything set up and you know i had a tough time with that but you know, kinda refocused and was le to get ready for the game." game."nebraska also honorer foltz during its traditional tunnel walk, and fans unveiled mutliple foltz-inspired banners. the college football season is now in full swing - and this week marks one of the biggest football games in the state of iowa. iowa and iowa state clash in kinnick stadium saturday night. but before the game be sure to watch "i on the hawks" thursday 2 sports is teaming up with the gazette to fill you in on everything you need to know for the big cy-hawk "i on
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thirty on fox 28. the earthquake over the weekend frightened many people in oklahoma. oklahoma.for one tulsa couple -- it turned out to be a blessing in brand new mother says her water broke during the earthquake. that means ainsly grace ring came into the world with a rumble and her dad says the nurses kept saying the quake actually caused the birth. "but having the earthquake be there, but not only that but being the biggest that ever been recorded in oklahoma - to came into this earth because of a earthquake," is definitely a cool story that will last for her whole life." life."he also says the mother and little ainsly are doing well.the eatherquake didn't cause any serious damage or injuries.some people in iowa reported felling the shaking. it's
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new link doctors have found between one deadly disease and someone's knowledge about wine.
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wine experts seem to be able to taste and smell ingredients that the rest of us just can't. can't.researchers in las vegas set out to figure out why that's the case. case.chris martinez tells us what they found, coul actually lead to a breakthrough for alzheimer's. alzheimer's. (pkg) harley carbery has developed an almost super human sense of smell over the years.(harley carbery/ director of wine, mandalay bay resort)identifying the different aromatic or flavor nuances in ita& y'know is it a fruit, is it not a fruita& as a wine connoisseura& or sommelier - he says he can detect almost any ingredient in a glass of wine... (harley carbery/ director of wine, mandalay bay resort ) dry roses, potpourri, very floral... now research shows - that keen sense of smell - has developed his braina& (nats)
5:44 am
activity there...dr. sarah banks did brain scans on 13 sommelier's and 13 "non- experts"a& as they smelled various scents of wines and fruits.she found the wine experts ?could detect scents the others could not. but she also discovered parts of their brain are biggera&including areas susceptible to alzheimer's.(dr. sarah banks/ cleveland clinic center for brain health)the fact that the parts of the brain that are bigger are those parts that are most vulnerable to diseases like alzheimer's or parkinson's bodes pretty well for the sommeliersa& it suggests that they might have banks says developing our sense of smella& with wine or anything elsea&might be key in growing our brains - to help ?prevent disease. (dr. sarah banks/ cleveland clinic center for brain health) definitely, sort of stopping to smell the roses a little bit, to enjoy life to think about your sensory experiences... harley says - he'll toast to that.(harley carbery/ director of wine, mandalay bay resort ) now the best part, time to taste... chris martinez, cbs news, las
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it's and you're watching cbs 2 this morning... morning...and if you're in it's degrees. degrees.just ahead...the one product the f-d-a is yanking from shelves because it's
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introducing longhorn's perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse.
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welcome back -- it's now we're taking a look at your??????? your??????? the movie "don't breathe" took the top spot at the box office for a second straight weekend. weekend.the horror movie brought in close to 16-million's followed by "suicide squad" -- which made around 13 million dollars.the film has hauled in close to 300 million since it debuted. the number-three spot goes to "pete's dragon" -- that's expected to make more than 6 million dollars. the massive computer outage last month that grounded flights across the country is costing delta big time. time.the airline says the outage cost them 100 million dollars in lost revenue.the malfunction caused 23-hundred of its flights to be canceled. delta also reported passenger revenue for august fell by more than 9 percent compared to a year ago - in part due to
5:48 am
get ready to pay more to send packages across the country. country.u-p-s says it will increase its daily ground and air service rates an average of 4-point-9 percent.prices will go into effect december 26-th so it won't likely affect shipping holiday gifts. the company also said higher freight rates would will take effect starting september 19th. nearly 90 years after the launch of its first two perfumes -- louis vuitton has released a collection of 7 new women's fragrances. fragrances. are available in 200 l-v stores worldwide and will cost about $200 dollars for a 100 ml bottle.- that's a little more than 3 ounces. the companty says the launch comes as a new way to attract more budget conscious shoppers to the luxury brand. actor, jackie actor, jackie chan, will
5:49 am
picture arts and sciences will honor the hong kong born star with the 2016 governors award at a ceremony in november. november.the academy says the 62-year old is receiving the lifetime achievement award for his contributions to the film august, chan was ranked as one of the highest paid actors by forbes. it's right now it's degrees in after the break...we hit the road to see one of the best fall get-a-ways in the corridor.
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with school back in session, september is a great month for a weekend getaway - or a chance to avoid the crowds during the week. this morning cbs 2 anchor matt hammill takes you along on his t latestroad trippin adventure to anamosa. anamosa. nats - rolling hills farm (( 5:58:22 ?? leave up shot full for 5 - seconds nat ?? )) " cricket cricket tweet tweet wurrrrrrp wurrrrrrp wurrrrrrrrrp tweet tweet tweet deeepeee deepeee deepee. " it is classic grant wood country - (( dissolve weeds 5:58:39 weed tops with farm behind )) the rolling whispering hills - ((dissolve to wider shot 5:58:56 extreme wide of fields and farm with edge of trees on left))and lazy summer sky - framed by farm fields and billowing trees ((dissolve to black and white photo with people on hill and church behind them)) in fact - in this 1932 photo of the american master - the old church in the background(( 5:59:11 ??? old stone church )) (( ???? can we crop out the light pole please ????))is still
5:54 am
((6:00:27 corner of the church looking to the river valley below ???))the wapsi river - - ((dissolve to 6:00:59 the old general store stone)) and the general store.on the banks below.(( dissolve to painting emailed you )) part of - the lasting inspiration - in his painting - stone city. in this 125th year - celebrating his birth - (( 5:20:16 people walking by gallery )) people are making the - pilgrimage - to this native son's home town - and the grant wood art gallery - in anamosa.??? super :44 - :50 cecilia hatcher - grant wood art gallery ((5:12:18)) ??? " but it's amazing .. we get people from abroad .. that come here .. people from the east coast, west coast, that this is their focus stop here in anamosa and cedar rapids and so forth to find out about grant wood. " (( pan across gallery from front of shop )) cecelia hatcher says this is the perfect starting point for visitors (( death on winding road painting )) wanting to foll road(( picture of grant wood )) of grant wood's life. (( fall plowing painting )) from the pride of iowa farmers in paintings like fall plowing - (( black and white litho of guy with horse in front of barn )) - and december afternoon - - to (( painting young corn )) the wide open spaces of young corn - (( black and white horses in snow )) - and stark beauty of horses in february. but volunteer mary hildebrandt ((don't need to see her unless you have shots of her showing chair .. can just show chair )) also loves to show that rare purple piece over in the corner.??? super 1:27 - 1:34 mary hildebrandt - grant wood art gallery (( 5;01:14 probably cover first part of bite with chair shots )) " he tried his hand at alot of things .. (( see her 5:01:36 )) ... it surprises lots of people who come in here that it is a grant wood
5:55 am
he famously created the painting that is perhaps only second to the mona lisa in world wide recognition.but since his sister nan - - and the family dentist posed for american gothic - ((4:47:18 pan across wall and extend into bite )) - so has everyone else. cecelia ((5:13:42)) ((could cover with betty and archie and garfield?)) " there's hardly a day that goes by that you don't see something in the paper is an american gothic parody ??? (( maybe just see her at the end of bite )) and we have a huge huge collection " (10 (( 5:19:04 cool shot of grant wood parody pics behind cage bars))there are hundreds - and no one has escaped - - ronald and nancy reagan - hillary and bill clinton- blondie and kermit and miss piggy - (( the frankensteins )) and so many more - american (( lisa marie and michael jackson ?)) gothic wanna - bees.??? matt and mary ??? (( 5:07:18)) " how many people come in and want to do this .. uh .. not too many .. laughs .. what?? .. haha we need more ahahaha i'm not the only one .. giggle hahaha (9 seriously no one comes in and wants to do this like me a"aa& noooo you're the first one. (12 ?????? (( grant wood with group of artists)) as grant wood started his art colony here - he ran into a dilemma.((
5:56 am
seen in these gallery photos and models - ((4:52:12 pan right to left of model of ice wagons???? hores pulling ??? ))- a cedar rapids company kept its cool - and came to his rescue.cecelia (( 5:16:35 )) (( ??? cover all of bite with pictures please ????? )) "there were so many artists that came that there wasn't room for them to stay in lodgings - ((butted)) so the hubbard ice company sent over 14 or 15 ice wagons (9and with so much rich history in the area - the phone sometimes rings with someone who's discovered a lost grant wood original . mary says - (( 5:06:03 probably want to see her for expression )) " we found such and such in somebody's attic and you know these people just think it's priceless and i'm the print right here and it's like .. wellllll .. haha. " a new research library - does include treasures - of books - and articles on the - (( russian magazine )) iowa painter - from all over the world. now gone - for more years than he lived - (( paris painting )) grant wood once said - he had to go to france - to truly appreciate iowa - ((gallery)) but today admirers come from everywhere to - appreciate his strokes of genius.cecelia ((
5:57 am
importance (( please cover rest of bite with rolling hills painting )) in the art world and his importantce to anamosa and stone city .. the whole area. " (( then dissolve to same shot of farm and rolling hills you started with )) we are road trippin - in grant wood country - near anamosa -- i'm matt hammill. a great time to go to the gallery is september 18-th - during the stone city festival. we'll put a link to all the activities on our website - just click on the big road trippin' highway sign. if you're just getting up, good morning -- it's now right now it's degrees in coming up funding questions that may keep the board of regents from finalizing a new plan for tuiti.'re watching c-b-s 2 this morning -- covering the corridor. corridor. i'm patty judge, and we know chuck grassley stopped the senate from working, but he also stopped working for iowa. as a farmer and a nurse,
5:58 am
used to be you could work with chuck. i did, plenty of times. but he's all politics and partisanship now. and he's turned his back on iowa. i approved this message because washington changed chuck, and it's time we change our senator.
5:59 am
right now on cbs 2 this morning...the new information overnight after north korea launches missiles into japanese waters. the de morni right now i'm cbs2 this morning, the new information overnight or for north korea launches miss -- missiles. developing details after russia and the united states stopped talking about syria. huge flood recovery milestone reached at the university of iowa this week. welcome to cbs2 this morning. a live look at above 380 and
6:00 am
a lot of cool color schemes that there made by the sun coming up analytes in the grass. not a lot of traffic to worry about. you can enjoy if you are on the roads this morning welcome to cbs2 on labor day. i'm kevin barry. >> i am kelly d'ambrosio and we are going to find out how the weather is looking. rebecca copeland, what is going on? >> it is looking pretty good. it is warm outside and it is going to continue to be pretty muggy today so going to feel like summer out -- outside and if you have outdoor activities, everything is looking pretty good. you may have to.showers and storms in spots but most of the day will be dry. it is already pretty warm and parts of eastern iowa, especially in the west, where it is 67 degrees in tama, 66, waterloo, and we have showers and storms in the area this morning that are mainly in western and central iowa and have been falling apart. they were stronger two or three hours ago but we have a couple moving north of highway 20 and they could move into parts of


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